Service Nightmare

May 13, 2010

And you think you have had a service nightmare..

No. This is not your atypical “I have had a dinner at XYZ restaurant and the service staff was rude”.

This is your “I have a guest whom had dinner at ABC restaurant and the guest was rude, to the point of being obnoxious to the staff.”

The local culture has it here that service staff (no..its doesn’t matter if you are working a the hotel captain..retail sales assistant) rank lows in our homegrown caste system. Domestic helpers, service staffs and slaves are synonym in their mindset.

When will service standards in Singapore improve? Sounds as remote as Singapore qualifying for World Cup (This is not about patriotism..this is about realism).

In this tiny country, with restaurants, hotels, shopping malls mushrooming at every notches, appalling guest behaviours are a common sight and job hazards for service front-liners.

Overly ‘honest’ sales aunty so annoying, saying dresses too small and short for me

Really, how many of us have read reviews of nightmare services on and went like “I had dinner at the restaurant and service was fantastic but what’s with the review?”.

Well, it’s time to sit down for a minute and ponder about

Top 5 reasons why “The customer is Always Right” is wrong

In Paris, the customer is not always right

The next time you leave the house, don’t leave your mind and manners at home!


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